AquaLock™ It Down

Designed and manufactured for many years of service life, AquaLock™ push-to-connect fittings are your first choice for reliability. Installation is fast and easy on almost any CTS-sized pipe—reducing the risk of installation errors and leaks. Whether you're working with PEX, Copper, or CPVC, AquaLock has you covered with a stainless steel gripper ring that is resistant to corrosion and interlocks with multiple materials without any tools. Those who know best know when you need a connection you can count on... AquaLock it down.


  • No tools required
  • Makes plumbing fast, easy, and secure
  • For Copper, PEX, or CPVC



Easy as 1-2-3. Watch the video to see just how easy it is to connect and disconnect AquaLock push-to-connect fittings.

Burst Test

How much pressure can AquaLock fittings take? Watch the video to find out!

Pull Test 

You won't believe how much tension AquaLock fittings can withstand!

AquaLock-hands Product Image

Make Strong Connections

  • No tools required—connect and disconnect without tools for easy and flexible installation.
  • Locking clip—for extra connection security.
  • NO flow restriction—no pipe stiffeners for copper and CPVC pipes allows for full flow without additional head losses.
  • Rotate under pressure—for Brass, Mini, and Plastic fittings.
  • Zero-leak patented O-ring guide for Plastic Series—protects the O-ring from damage during connection, helps align the tubing with the O-ring every time, and prevents the O-ring from becoming dislodged.
  • Certified—for potable water and behind the wall for plumbing applications.

Hands installing an O ring on a PVC fitting

Seal the Deal

Plastic Series are equipped with a zero-leak patented O-ring guide to:

• protect the O-ring from damage during installation.
• align the tubing with the O-ring every time.
• prevent the O-ring from becoming dislodged.
• increase side load capacity.

Sail boat on the water looking at shore line

The Fittings You Trust by Land or Sea

The number one choice for boat builders and marine distributors worldwide, AquaLock fittings are offered in several diameters in both Inch (Imperial) and Metric formats. They are fit for many nautical applications including potable water, raw and fresh water washdown, live well systems, air-condition chilled water lines, drain lines, and windshield washing systems. 

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Select AquaLock Fittings

Brass fittings, ball valve, 3 way brass valve, 90 degree valve
Mini PVC fittings, with shut off valve
PVC fittings , 90 degree, shut off valve, 3 way connector