Scald Protection

Mitigate Waterborne Pathogens

Fast and Easy Sanitization

Sanitizing your water system with chemicals is costly, time consuming, and is corrosive on your pipes. What if it didn’t have to be that way? The Under Sink Guardian® that has been providing you with scald protection just got an upgrade. The new and improved LFUSG-HWP features a hot water purge lever, allowing for fast and simple sanitization at the flip of a switch. Now you can enjoy a fast and easy method for sanitizing your system without the added risk of damaging your pipes.

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Save on Labor

No tools are required to initiate sanitization — just flip the switch

Increase Safety

The hot water purge feature allows for quick sanitization at the point of use fixture.

Have Confidence

The LFUSG-HWP is ASSE 1070 certified, ensuring safe water temperatures.

How to Get Started

Choose LFUSG-HWP for your water management plan

Enjoy scald protection and easy sanitization at the faucet

Have confidence knowing you can quickly and easily maintain safe water for your facility

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