Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Our employees are our greatest assets, forming the bedrock of our company's success. Their dedication, skills, and passion are what have shaped us into the thriving organization we are today. We cherish the diverse knowledge and backgrounds they bring, recognizing that their experiences are essential in propelling our growth and innovation forward

Employee Recognition

The Inventor Recognition and Award program was launched back in 2017. Since then, 640 awards have been distributed, totaling more than $410,000.

At Watts, we celebrate the individual identities of all our employees. We work to ensure that every individual receives fair treatment, equal access, and feels valued and supported by our culture and workplace environment at each level of our talent process.

Focusing on our employees through health and safety training, employee engagement initiatives, and improving environmental management at Watts’ sites give us the opportunity to provide an environment of support and growth internally that we can be proud of.

Talent Acquisition & Development

At Watts, our focus is to acquire, develop, and grow employees from all different backgrounds at all levels of our organization. To advance this work, our talent acquisition and DEI teams continue to establish partnerships with institutions, professional networks and search rms, attend career fairs, and collaborate with our Employee Resource Groups:.

Black Matters

Mission: Build programs, allocate resources, and partner with select external organizations to drive meaningful change for Black employees across the organization.

Latin Americans

Mission: Share the heritage of Latin American employees across Watts, provide support to foster their culture, and offer educational opportunities and networking, cultural, and social events.

Pride Matters

Mission: Function as support network and an inclusive space for LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies. 

Tech Matters

Mission: Lead in DEI best practices by building a culture in innovation, research and development, and engineering.

Vet Matters

Mission: : Empower veteran employees and provide service to our military community.

Women of Watts

Mission: : Create an organization where women and all employees can flourish, have influence, and are valued for their authentic selves.

Talent Retention and Development

Compensation and Incentives

We regularly analyze wages to retain employees and stay competitive in the labor market. Internal pay-equity review is embedded into our hiring and promotion processes.

Work/Life Balance

In a continued effort to reduce employee overtime at production facilities, we continue to explore diversied recruiting efforts, including focusing on our U.S. internship program and expanding our partnerships with tech schools, recruitment agencies, and a number of professional networks.


Regularly we offer our employees an opportunity to have their voice heard through our employee pulse survey. This survey helps us identify areas we are succeeding and where we need to improve in order to maximize efciency and overall employee happiness here at Watts.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

At Watts, we believe that occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable. We recognize healthy and safe working conditions as a human right and commit to protecting the health and safety of all employees working at our facilities around the world. This commitment extends to contractors, visitors, customers, suppliers, and all other business partners. .

A Culture of Safety

We aspire to be a zero-incident workplace. Our Zero Incidents, Employee Engagement, Risk Reduction, and Operational Excellence (Z.E.R.O.) approach empowers our employees with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to effectively identify hazards, mitigate risks, and explore improvements. This includes:

Safety Committees: Generate opportunities to reduce and support the mitigation of risks.
Job Hazard Analysis: Identify job-related hazards through a systematic risk assessment process.
Safety Stand-Downs: Bring employees and site leaders together to discuss safety performance and related issues and identify opportunities for improvement
Early Reporting: Empowers employees at all levels to provide input into safety observations and near misses.
Safety Training: Promotes a safe and healthy workplace

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