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OneFlow Anti-Scale System for Hot Water up to 12 gpm (45.6 lpm)

Series OF817-12H OneFlow Anti-Scale System for Hot Water provides protection from scale formation on internal and external plumbing surfaces where the hot water feed line is being further heated (booster heater) or brought to steam (steam generator, autoclave). The OneFlow system uses specially selected components to work in applications where the water is already heated between 100 to 150°F, but has not yet been treated for scale control. These applications generally involve protecting and extending the life of expensive equipment and instruments from the ill effects of hard water scale.


  • Environmentally-friendly technology requires no electricity and generates no wastewater
  • Maximum flow rate: 12 gpm
  • Very little maintenance required – long-life media needs to be replaced only once every three years
  • Chemical-free, salt-free scale prevention and protection system designed specifically to work with hot water applications

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