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F115-7 2

Part of the LFF115-7 Series

Ordering Code: T211203

UPC: 098268049305

Lead Free: YES

2 Pressure Reducing Control Valve With Downstream Surge Control Feature, Thread

This 2 IN Watts pressure reducing and downstream surge control valve, model 115-7, is designed to automatically reduce a fluctuating higher inlet pressure to a constant lower downstream pressure regardless of varying flow rates, and quickly modulate toward a closed position when a sudden downstream high pressure condition occurs. The quick closing action of the valve minimizes possible damaging high inlet pressure from passing through the valve to downstream piping. It has threaded connections.

Product Features

  • Copper tubing/brass fittings
  • NPT threaded
  • Globe pattern
  • Epoxy coated
Brand Name Watts
Lead Free YES
Model Number F115-7 2
Part Number T211203
Series LFF115-7