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Portable Hydrant Meter Backflow Preventers

Model 994BLT Portable Hydrant Meter Backflow Preventers prevent the reverse flow of polluted from entering into the potable water supply where flow is in one direction and the possibility of cross-connection exists, such as at a fire hydrant or other non-permanent installation. It consists of stainless steel body construction with stainless steel internal parts. Its portable, lightweight design provides long-term service with minimal maintenance. Series 994BLT is ideal for use on existing hydrant meter hookups. Factory assembled and tested. Various inlet and outlet sizes available.


  • Stainless steel body provides strength, resists corrosion, and weighs less for long field life and portability
  • Built-in support leg is adjustable in the field for fast set-up
  • Dual thread connections and variety of end connection accessories provide versatility
  • Large flow capacity rated at over 500 gpm with less than 14psi loss

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