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Stainless Steel Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies

Series SS009 Stainless Steel Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies prevent the reverse flow of polluted water from entering into the potable water supply due to backsiphonage and or backpressure. They have a stainless steel body construction, two stainless steel check valves, stainless steel check seats, hydraulically-operated relief valve, and stainless steel, vandal-resistant ball valve test cocks. Series SS009 is ideal in applications where the downstream liquid is of a composition where bronze material would be damaged or if it is desirable to eliminate trace elements of lead and copper. Series SS009 is ideal in industrial or plant applications, in medical/diagnostic equipment, in reverse osmosis systems, and for other health hazard piping systems. Check with local water authorities for installation requirements. Maximum Working Pressure: 175psi (12.06 bar)


  • Bolted-on, top-entry, single access cover for easier maintenance
  • Top-mounted, vandal-resistant test cocks
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Modular construction featuring nonreversible checks with captured springs for simplified servicing

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