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Flood Protection System

The New Standard for Plumbing

Connected and IoT-enabled products are here to stay. And the SentryPlus Alert™ technology in our new flood protection system delivers the benefits you would expect from such modernizations.


Advanced protection of an RPZ backflow preventer comes with the possibility of discharge through the relief valve. While this is part of the backflow preventer doing its job, it’s a hazard that can be detected and mitigated before it does any damage to your facility. The Watts flood protection system with SentryPlus Alert™ detects potential flood conditions, shuts down the water supply, and issues multi-channel alerts so you can take action, all before the water starts rising. With you from detection to protection, our latest system lets you be there… even when you’re not.



  • Provides fail-safe automated flood protection to avoid costly water damage
  • Continuously monitors for potential catastrophic flood condition
  • Automatically shuts off water supply to the backflow preventer
  • Provides real time multi-channel alerts
  • Available as an upgrade kit, connected backflow, or complete Engineered Flood Protection Valve Station

Watts SentryPlus Alert Technology Overview




PVS-7000 front image

Series PVS-7000

The Watts PVS-7000 Engineered Flood Protection Valve Station with SentryPlus  Alert ™ technology delivers a single solution for backflow prevention that helps protect against costly flooding from relief valve discharge, along with providing the assurance of real-time multi-channel notifications to keep you updated so you can take action.


Flood Protection Shutdown Control Valves help protect against catastrophic property damage due to excessive RPZ backflow relief valve discharge by continuously monitoring for excess discharge, and closing the water supply during potentially catastrophic flood conditions. If the RPZ relief valve opens, excess flow trips the flow sensor which energizes the solenoid and closes the valve. 

Series 957, 957N, 957Z

Reduced Pressure Valve Assemblies prevent the reverse flow of liquids in a plumbing system due to backpressure or backsiphonage where there is a potential health hazard. Compact design and lightweight stainless steel construction (70% lighter than traditional designs) makes installation easier and faster. Groove connections also ease installation and pipe alignment. A variety of shutoff valve options are available.


Cast Iron, Flanged, Wye-Pattern Strainers feature an FDA approved epoxy coating inside and outside and is suitable for potable water and food contact applications. They feature a wye-pattern, Class B cast iron body with Class 125 flanged connections, stainless steel screen, bolted and tapped iron retainer cap with graphite gasket, and iron blow-down plug. Maximum Pressure (non-shock): 200psi (13.8 bar) at 140°F (60°C) WOG.

How To Buy

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