Flood Protection Backflow System

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Connected and IoT-enabled products are here to stay. And the SentryPlus Alert® technology in our new flood protection system delivers the benefits you would expect from such modernizations.

Advanced protection of an RPZ backflow preventer comes with the possibility of discharge through the relief valve. While this is part of the backflow preventer doing its job, it’s a hazard that can be detected and mitigated before it does any damage to your facility. The Watts flood protection system with SentryPlus Alert® detects potential flood conditions, shuts down the water supply*, and issues multi-channel alerts so you can take action, all before the water starts rising. With you from detection to protection, our latest system lets you be there… even when you’re not.

*Automatic shutdown is not to be used in fire prevention applications.


  • Provides automated flood protection to avoid costly water damage
  • Continuously monitors for potential catastrophic flood condition
  • Automatically shuts off water supply
  • Provides real time multi-channel alerts: call, text, email
  • Available as an upgrade kit, in conjunction with a backflow or ACV, or as a complete system

Watts SentryPlus Alert - The latest flood protection technology

Watts SentryPlus Alert - Flood Protection Backflow System Overview


Series PVS-7000

Engineered Flood Protection Valve Station with SentryPlus Alert® technology.  Complete solution to help protect against flooding from a reduced pressure zone backflow preventer’s relief valve discharge.

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Flood Protection Shutdown Control Valve with SentryPlus Alert® technology.  Used with any reduced pressure zone backflow preventer to prevent flooding from relief valve discharge.

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SentryPlus Alert Technology

The SentryPlus Alert® Universal Upgrade Kit upgrades any existing RPZ backflow preventer to have flood detection capabilities and issue users multi-channel alerts to warn of potential flood conditions.

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