At KC Airport’s Marriott, It’s IntelliStation® to the Rescue

Digital mixing boosts guest satisfaction as late arrivers and early risers push the limits of the hotel’s hot water heaters and plumbing systems.


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Product(s) Installed:


Kansas City Airport Marriott


Kansas City, MO


384-room hotel with steady occupancy at all hours battled domestic hot water issues due to a large hydronic valve with a sluggish 120-second response time that couldn’t actuate quickly to keep up with the hotel's changing water pressures.

What Client Needed

A dependable system that could deliver properly mixed water throughout a hot water recirculation loop during high-demand periods.


IntelliStation® Digital Mixing System

Result (ROI)

Four months into installing new system, guests are happier due to sufficient hot water, even during peak shower hours.

Ian Walters
Lexington Plumbing

“The Powers IntelliStation® was built for challenges exactly like this one. We had specified the system at several different facilities and it exceeded facility manager expectations every time.”