Bethlehem Area School District Digital Water Mixing

What the Client Needed

Since the 1920s, Bethlehem Area School District school buildings have seen their fair share of mechanical system challenges. The latest challenge involved outdated mechanical mixing valves that were leaking and required frequent maintenance. Bethlehem Area School District needed a solution that was precise & reliable to protect the safety of its students and would eliminate the need for frequent maintenance.


Bethlehem Area School District replaced their outdated mechanical mixing valves that were deteriorated and leaking, causing hot water loss with a new digital solution. “At the beginning of the week, we’d walk into the mechanical room, check the systems and temps that had [assuredly] drifted,” said Scott Yandrasitz, BASD master plumber. “We wanted a solution that would be something similar to what we already had, but we needed a precise, reliable replacement that would eliminate the need for [frequent] maintenance.”

Warminster, PA based Vernon Bitzer Associates recommended Powers™ IntelliStation® Jr. digital water mixing valve. The successful installation of the IntelliStation Jr. eliminated the issues of hot water loss in the schools. Additional IntelliStation Jr. digital mixing valves have been installed in additional schools in the district.

Results (ROI)

Since the installations of the IntelliStation Jr., plumbers have not received a single hot water loss complaint call. “We now have reliable operation and easy control of the domestic water system storage and delivery temperatures,” added Yandrasitz. “We know we made the right decision.”


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Digital Water Mixing

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Scott Yandrasitz
BASD Master Plumber
Since installing the IntelliStation Jrs., we haven’t received a single complaint call for hot water loss. That’s a good thing, and one of the measures of success for us, for sure.