FloPro-MD™ Diagnoses Broiler Issue for Big Event

What the Client Needed

Before starting his business in Albuquerque, NM, Keefer Rader worked in remote Colorado servicing mechanical systems for his customers. It wasn’t a complete surprise when he heard from a manager of a mountaintop wedding venue outside of Durango, CO that his large kitchen broiler wasn’t working well – just several days before a large gathering was to lease the facility for a ceremony.

“I tried to help him diagnose and trouble-shoot the problem, but I quickly learned that they’d already attempted to solve the problem [to no avail],” said Rader. So, with less than a week before a large group arrived for the wedding Rader began the overnight drive to Durango.


When Rader arrived at the venue, he found that the broiler worked, but not well enough. He couldn’t use a conventional manometer because the broiler didn’t have the test ports that he typically used for diagnosing hydronic broiler problems.

Rader went to his truck for the FloPro-MD diagnostic tool. “It’s now one of my go-to tools for gas appliance work,” he said. “The FloPro showed that the pre-regulator gas flow and pressure were good, but on the regulator’s other [outgoing/supply] side, I began to see my problem.” Among the supplies Rader learned long ago to keep in his truck: several gas regulators. “The FloPro made it perfectly clear that the broiler’s regulator had failed. Once connected, the new regulator provided greater gas pressure to the broiler which worked as intended, with plenty of heat for the caterer set to arrive that afternoon.”

Results (ROI)

Rader was able to get the broiler up and running just in time for the big venue event. And, because of the FloPro-MD’s ability to diagnose problems while the appliance is operating, Rader can do maintenance work during hours of operation and without cutting the gas service to any manifolds. “The FloPro does the work of a variety of other tools. It offers the function and intelligence of a manometer, and a gas flow meter, too,” Rader said. “My hat’s off to the [tool’s] designer. The FloPro now has a permanent place in my truck.”


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Keefer Rader
Outlaw Mechanical
My hat’s off to the [tool’s] designer. The FloPro-MD™ now has a permanent place in my truck.