NYC Hospital Accelerates for Hot Water System

What the Client Needed

A large, inner-city hospital addition was two-thirds complete when the COVID-19 pandemic entered New York City, threatening the health of the entire population. Hospital administrators instructed the general contractor to work around the clock to complete the building in anticipation of the emergency demand. One of the challenges was the need to complete the facility’s hot water distribution system.


North Babylon, NY-based Edwards, Platt & Deely (EP&D) worked with Almar Plumbing to complete and commission the Powers™ IntelliStation® digital mixing system, which was installed and balanced in hours. When patients were admitted, the IntelliStation ensured temperature-consistent, accurate hot water delivery to hundreds of points of use.  

According to Joe Zito, manufacturer’s rep with EP&D, facility managers at the hospital quickly found that their new IntelliStation digital mixing solution also offered these advantages:

•  The technology supports energy conservation through more efficient water temperature management.

•  Field-configurability without the need for a laptop or special software.

•  Digital water mixing and recirculation integrated into a building automation system (BAS) – allowing hospital technicians to remotely  monitor performance and temperature control.

Results (ROI)

Once installed, the IntelliStation ensured steady circulation of 160°F (+/- 2°F) water delivery to all of the facility’s floors to mitigate the risk of Legionella, which is killed at this distribution temperature. Point-of-use tempering valves also prevented the risk of scalding, ensuring an accurate, temperature-consistent delivery of hot water to hundreds of points of use.


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Joe Zito
Edwards, Platt & Deely
A real urgency developed for the domestic water digital mixing system, as this hospital’s schedule of completion accelerated in order to be open to treat patients at risk of, or infected by COVID19.