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During August and September 2021, we donated $1 to the National Restaurant Association Education Fund for every Blue Hose kit that was sold. With your help, we were able to hit our max donation to help restaurant professionals with career training and education. Thank you for your support!

Dormont Products Support:

  • Gas Cooking & Heating
  • Safe Appliance Positioning
  • Water Access & Use

FloPro-MD™ Quickly Diagnoses Commercial Broiler Issue for Wedding Venue

When the kitchen broiler at a Colorado wedding venue stopped working just days before a large ceremony was supposed to take place, the owner knew he needed to fix the issue fast.

See how contractor Keefer Rader was able to quickly diagnose the issue and get the broiler up and running just in time for the big day.

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Why It Matters

Why are appliance gas connectors so critical to safety in the foodservice industry? Plumbing Systems & Design offers an informative overview and history of gas connectors—as well as a handy checklist for foodservice personnel to ensure proper installation and use.

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Precise Placement Every Time

After cleaning or maintenance, return all kitchen equipment to their design-specified locations under fire suppression and ventilation systems — as required by NFPA Codes 17A and 96.
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Blue Hose Gas Connectors

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Gas Shutoff Valves

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Gas Fittings and Adapters

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Gas Pressure Regulators

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Gas Accessories

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Steam Connectors

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Grease Interceptors

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ReliaGuard Gas Connectors

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Stationary Gas Connectors

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Safety Quik Disconnect Valves

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Safety-Set Positioning Systems

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SnapFast Quick Disconnect Couplings

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Swivel Max 360° Rotational Fittings

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Dormont Innovations

FloPro-MD with QD Kit

The portable smart and connected 3-in-1 gas flow meter, digital manometer, and calculator that helps service technicians properly start-up and commission gas burning equipment and quickly diagnose gas flow or gas pressure issues.

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Positioning system designed to return caster-mounted kitchen equipment to a specific location after every cleaning or maintenance. Often required for code compliance, positioning systems like the Safety-Set ensure that gas equipment is situated beneath fire suppression or ventilation systems.

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Safety Quick

Learn what makes the Safety Quik the ultimate in kitchen safety. This device does the work of both a quick disconnect and valve. It prevents gas connector from being disconnected until its valve is shut off and will not allow valve to be opened until the connector is re-connected to Safety Quik.

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SnapFast is Dormont’s exclusive quick-disconnect. The only one-handed Push-to-Connect QD that makes connecting and disconnecting safe and easy.

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Swivel MAX

Swivel MAX is a 360° multi-plane rotational device that significantly increases range of motion of gas connectors and caster-mounted appliances.

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