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Double Check Detector Assemblies, Stainless Steel

Series 774DCDA Double Check Detector Assemblies prevent the backflow of fire protection system substances from being pumped or siphoned into the potable water supply. They have a compact construction and short lay length, ideal for retrofit installations. They feature a lightweight stainless steel body, thermoplastic and stainless steel check valves, and low head loss. Series 774DCDA can be installed in the horizontal or vertical flow-up positions. It is designed for installation on applications identified by local authorities as non-health hazard, such as on fire protection systems. Maximum Working Pressure: 175psi (12.06 bar).


  • Torsion spring check valve provides low head loss
  • Single cover, top-entry design allows for convenient access for maintenance
  • Detect costly underground leaks and unauthorized water use
  • Stainless steel construction provides strength, resists corrosion, and weighs less

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