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ProCal for Hach 2100P

ProCal Primary Turbidity Standards for use with the Hach® 2100P Field Turbidimeter

ProCal Primary Turbidity Standards have been certified by HF scientific for use in the Hach® 2100P Field Turbidimeter. No formazin is used, making them safer, easier to use, accurate and less expensive that the equivalent Hach® product. In addition to being approved by the EPA, ProCal™ has been certified through testing conducted by HF scientific demonstrating that ProCal™ performs as well as Hach® primary turbidity standards in selected Hach® instruments. Test results are available upon request. Hach® is a registered trademark of the Hach Company, which is not affilitated with HF scientific.


  • Custom NTU values and quantities available
  • No formazin formula
  • Biodegradable
  • Factory certified by HF scientific for use in the Hach® 2100P Portable Turbidimeter

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