Streamlining Monthly Testing with FloPro™-MD

What the Client Needed

Hearth Products Controls (HPC) is an Ohio-based manufacturer of custom indoor and outdoor fire effects. They wanted a way to modernize and simplify laborious testing for monthly CSA, ANSI, and UL audits. For many years, they tested various equipment functions and manually compiled the data. Required measurements include gas temperature, ambient temperature, barometric pressure, precise gas pressure, and more. Manually testing and recording the various data points was time consuming. This tedious process took time away from new product development and significantly impeded their operational efficiency.


To streamline regular testing and measurement, HPC’s product engineer Patrick Schatz purchased a FloPro -MD , the portable smart and connected 3-in-1 gas flow meter, digital manometer, and calculator . The diagnostic tool helps them capture data more accurately and makes it easy to share the data via Bluetooth connectivity, saving the team hours of work each week. According to HPC, the FloPro- MD’s most valuable features are:
  • Accurate, real -time data
  • Data is easily transferred to a smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth, and then populated into Excel
  • Compact, lightweight design that makes it easy to use and transport
  • Durability (they’ve dropped the device, and the fall did not affect operation or accuracy)

Results (ROI)

HPC now owns three FloPro-MDs that have helped substantially improve operations. Not only do the devices provide them quick access to accurate data, it automatically puts the data into excel spreadsheets for them. The team estimates implementing the new devices have cut R+D and testing time by at least 60 percent.


Hearth, Patio, and BBQ (HPB)


Hearth Products Controls


Dayton, OH


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Patrick Schatz
Product Engineer
Hearth Products Controls Company
With FloPro-MD, there’s no ambiguity and no waiting to crunch data. That’s value! FloPro-MD is one of the best diagnostic, testing, and product performance tools I’ve ever seen and have had the pleasure to use.