LF909 Large

Lead Free* Reduced Pressure Valve Assembly Backflow Preventers - Large Diameter 2-1/2 - 10 Inch Sizes

  • Health hazard protection level
  • Exclusive relief valve design provides maximum capacity during emergency conditions
  • Industrial strength sensing hose on larger size models
  • Available with SentryPlus Alert™ Technology for flood detection alert capabilities
  • Can be used in a variety of installations, including containment at the service line entrance
  • No special tools required for servicing
  • Includes a Backflow Flood Sensor Alert that monitors the condition of your backflow assembly 24/7
  • Alerts you in the event of RPZ discharge
  • Utilizes advanced ArmorTek coating technology to resist corrosion of internals
  • The valve body shall utilize a coating system with built in electrochemical corrosion inhibitor and microbial inhibitor

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