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Stainless Steel Process Steam Pressure Regulators

Series 152SS Stainless Steel Process Steam Pressure Regulators are used in commercial, industrial, and institutional applications to regulate steam pressure in autoclaves, steam tables/irons, vulcanizers and large capacity process services. They are highly sensitive to reduced pressure changes. They have a stainless steel body construction with NPT threaded female inlet and outlet connections, stainless steel strainer, stainless steel seat, stainless steel diaphragm, Teflon disc, and sensitivity adjustment feature for critical flow. Series 152SS offers full volume with minimum pressure drop and in-line serviceability. It is ideal for use on sterilizers, process lines, testing fixtures, and oil lines. Tight seating Model 152SS-T available for dead end and liquid services. Maximum Supply Pressure: Up to 300psi (21 bar) at 420 degreeF (216 degreeC).


  • Stainless steel body with stainless steel strainer, seat, and diaphragm
  • Highly sensitive response to reduced pressure changes, with ability to maintain full volume without appreciable reduced pressure drop
  • Sensitivity adjuster eliminates vibrating that can arise due to critical flow requirements
  • Serviceable in-line

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