Pre-Process Piping Systems

Orion® non-corrosive, thermoplastic pipe & fittings are ideal for transporting supplied and pre-process water: Whiteline™ PVDF; Whiteline™ PPI (pure unpigmented virgin Type I homopolymer polypropylene); and Standardline™ PPII (virgin Type II copolymer polypropylene). Mueller Steam Specialty industrial-strength isolation valves and strainers control flow and deliver proper water pressure. Ideal for pre-treatment of supplied water, industrial utility feed water, primary loops (demineralized water), and reverse osmosis, filtration & storage lines.


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Whiteline™ PVDF

Molded from Polyvinylidene fluoride, it does not contain plasticizers, pigments or other additives that could potentially contaminate the liquids being transported. Its chemical and impact resistant properties make it ideal for severe environments.

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Whiteline™ PPI

Manufactured from pure unpigmented virgin Type I homopolymer polypropylene, making it ideal for transporting deionized, distilled water or other liquids where a high degree of purity is required.

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Standardline™ PPII

Manufactured from virgin Type II copolymer polypropylene for high-performing and cost competitive systems. Socket fusion joining provides strong, durable, and hermetically-sealed joints in high-purity piping systems.

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Ball Valves

Quarter-turn valves used in industrial applications to control the on-off flow of liquids and gases. Available in a range of sizes, materials, and connection types.

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Butterfly Valves

Designed for a variety of general applications for controlling liquids, gases, and slurries. Wafer and lug butterfly ductile iron valves available in a range of sizes, performance ratings and actuation options.

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Check Valves

Used in applications where liquid must pass in only one direction for safety purposes and to prevent reverse flow. Available in a range of functionality, material construction, and sizes.

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Basket Strainers

Mechanically remove solids from flowing steam, gases or liquid piping systems with the use of a perforated or wire mesh straining screen, and are used to protect equipment.

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Duplex Strainers

Used in fluid handling systems where the flow cannot be shut down for basket cleaning, including cooling water, condensers, compressors, fire lines, chemical process systems and pump suction service.

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Wye Strainers

Watts strainers protect piping system components from dirt, rust, and other damaging debris. Watts offers a wide variety of strainers, ensuring continued operation of data center cooling solutions.

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Suction Diffusers

Labor Saving Solution Strain foreign particles, protect pump and provide proper flow conditions. One unit acts as elbow, strainer, and entry pipe, reducing installation cost and joint leak paths.

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Triple-Duty Valves

Use on single, double, and vertical in-line pumps. Three functions: positive shutoff, silent check, and flow control. No need for hand-tight shutoff valve, check valve, and flow control valve on pump.

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Intelligent Monitoring

Smart Strainer Differential Pressure Monitoring

Differential pressure monitoring now available on Mueller duplex & wye strainers to detect when maintenance is needed to prevent downtime at your manufacturing plant. Maintain consistent flow and efficient system performance. Proactively perform strainer maintenance. Protect costly equipment from damage. Receive alerts via a wired or cellular connection with Syncta, the mobile app from Watts or your BAS/BMS.

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Leak Defense System Valve Wired and Wireless Water Leak Detection

The actuated ball valve is installed on the main water line and downstream of the primary shut-off valve, pressure regulator, irrigation line and fire sprinkler line. Ideal for subflooring areas. Receive alerts. Easily integrates to your BAS/BMS or through our mobile app, Leak Defense System.

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