Intelligent Monitoring Solutions

Watts Smart and Connected Solutions offer wired or cellular connection via mobile apps or your BAS/BMS to alert you of water leaks and overflows around equipment and fixtures, when a strainer basket is nearing the max limit or when a rooftop drain is clogged. Facility engineers are notified in real time, which helps them maintain production environments proactively rather than reactively and prevent costly operational shut down of your semiconductor manufacturing plant.


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Smart and Connected Solutions

Smart Strainer Differential Pressure Monitoring

Differential pressure monitoring now available on Mueller duplex & wye strainers to detect when maintenance is needed to prevent downtime at your manufacturing plant. Maintain consistent flow and efficient system performance. Proactively perform strainer maintenance. Protect costly equipment from damage. Receive alerts via a wired or cellular connection with Syncta, the mobile app from Watts or your BAS/BMS.

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SentryPlus Alert™
RPZ Backflow Prevention Flood Protection

Advanced protection of RPZ backflow preventers come with the possibility of discharge through the relief valve. SentryPlus Alert™ detects potential flood conditions, automatically shuts down the water supply, and issues multi-channel alerts so facility managers can take action ASAP. Not for use in fire prevention systems.

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Leak Defense System Valve Wired and Wireless Water Leak Detection

The actuated ball valve is installed on the main water line and downstream of the primary shut-off valve, pressure regulator, irrigation line and fire sprinkler line. Ideal for subflooring areas. Receive alerts. Easily integrates to your BAS/BMS or through our mobile app, Leak Defense System.

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Connected Roof System
Water Level & Temperature Detection

Minimize risk of damage, increase safety, predict maintenance, and reduce costs while increasing the lifetime of your data center’s roof. Wireless Connected Monitors detect water levels and temperatures across the rooftop and send alerts of drain clogging or ponding ASAP through the visual or acoustic alarm of the Connected Roof Gateway. Easy-to-install. Can be integrated with a BMS.

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FloodSafe WDS

Water Heater Flood Prevention

The Floodsafe® Water Detector Shutoff automatically shuts off the water supply and power source to the water heaters in your data center if a leak is detected. The unit provide visual and audible alerts so repairs can be arranged without delay. No special pipiong required. And the system can be paired with your BMS.

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Fire Tamper Switches

Select Ames backflow preventers come with factory integrated, UL/FM certified, fire tamper detection. Eliminates hand-assembly, manual field installations, and error associated with installing aftermarket tamper (supervisory) switches on existing backflow preventers.

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