Non-Corrosive Drainage Systems

Whiteline™ PVDF and UHP PVDF are effective for reclaiming loops. Blueline™ FRPP, Brownline™ PP, Standardline™ PPII, and Plenum+™ PVDF pipe & fittings along with our trench, floor and roof drainage systems perform well in harsh chemical environments and withstand exposure to high and low temperatures during delivery and disposal. Our industrial-strength Butterfly, Ball, Check and Gate Valves are used to control water, liquids and slurries. Ideal for chemical delivery, water reclaiming loops, acid, base & solvent collection, organic waste disposal, and waste neutralization.


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Maintains excellent chemical resistance at high temperatures. Extra smooth walls ensure free liquid flow. Joined with Butt Fusion method. Elbows, tees & couplings. Available in SDR-21 sizes from 20- 63mm.

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Whiteline™ PVDF

Molded from Polyvinylidene fluoride, it does not contain plasticizers, pigments or other additives that could potentially contaminate the liquids being transported. Its chemical and impact resistant properties make it ideal for severe environments.

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Brownline™ PP

Polypropylene pipe typically used in underground applications where non-fire retardant materials are acceptable. Excellent resistance to most common and organic mineral acids and their salts, strong and weak alkalis, and most organic chemicals. Available in Schedule 40 and 80 thickness.

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Blueline™ FRPP

Fire retardant, rigid polypropylene with good strength and aging properties. Excellent chemical resistance. Certified to UPC and CAN/CSA B181.3 requirements. IAPMO certified operating temp of 220°F. Available in Schedule 40 and 80 thickness.

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Standardline™ PPII Piping

Manufactured from virgin Type II copolymer polypropylene for high-performing and cost competitive systems. Socket fusion joining provides strong, durable, and hermetically-sealed joints in highpurity piping systems.

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SC_PLENUM -PVDF-1366x768

Plenum+™ PVDF

Designed for extra tough applications where plastic may not have been considered. Meets ASTM E-84 and UL 723 standards for flame spread and smoke generation. PVDF is the only plastic approved for use in air plenums. Available in Schedule 40 thickness.

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Butterfly Valves

Designed for a variety of general applications for controlling liquids, gases, and slurries. Wafer and lug butterfly ductile iron valves available in a range of sizes, performance ratings and actuation options.

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Check Valves

Used in applications where liquid must pass in only one direction for safety purposes and to prevent reverse flow. Available in a range of functionality, material construction, and sizes.

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Basket Strainers

Mechanically remove solids from flowing steam, gases or liquid piping systems with the use of a perforated or wire mesh straining screen, and are used to protect equipment.

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Duplex Strainers

Used in fluid handling systems where the flow cannot be shut down for basket cleaning, including cooling water, condensers, compressors, fire lines, chemical process systems and pump suction service.

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Wye Strainers

Watts strainers protect piping system components from dirt, rust, and other damaging debris. Watts offers a wide variety of strainers, ensuring continued operation of data center cooling solutions.

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Labor Saving Solution No more leaking or seized cleanout plugs. Exclusive gas-tight gasketed brass plugs hold for testing, and are easily removed & replaced for piping inspection and maintenance.

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Floor & Area Drains

Labor Saving Solution Watts specification grade floor and area drains come standard with epoxy coating, ductile iron grating, and solid nickel bronze top assemblies.

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Floor Sinks

Labor Saving Solution No-Hub mechanical joint uses stainless steel outer coupling to create strong, tight, leak-free, reconfigurable joints that resist aggressive acids and chemicals.

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Roof Drains

Exclusive dual-functional structural deck flange and combination roof drains streamline specs. Flexible solutions for specifiers and installers saves on labor and installation time.

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Trench Drains

Labor Saving Solution Pre-sloped trench drain system with patented frame-anchored design and flanged joints generate stable, perfectly straight runs, reducing installation time and labor.

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Fixture Carriers

Fixture Carriers

Labor Saving Solution Patented Water Closet and Track Lavatory Carriers for off-the-floor fixture supports. Engineered for installation speed and flexibility. In-shop pre-fab. Or jobsite assembly.

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Smart Strainer Differential Pressure Monitoring

Differential pressure monitoring now available on Mueller duplex & wye strainers to detect when maintenance is needed to prevent downtime at your manufacturing plant. Maintain consistent flow and efficient system performance. Proactively perform strainer maintenance. Protect costly equipment from damage. Receive alerts via a wired or cellular connection with Syncta, the mobile app from Watts or your BAS/BMS.

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Connected Roof System Water Level & Temperature Detection

Minimize risk of damage, increase safety, predict maintenance, and reduce costs while increasing the lifetime of your data center’s roof. Wireless Connected Roof Monitors detect water levels and temperatures across the rooftop and send alerts of drain clogging or ponding ASAP through the visual or acoustic alarm of the Connected Roof Gateway. Easy-to-install. Can be integrated with a BMS.

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