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For Hydronic Cooling Systems, Watts process control products prevent fluid reversal, deliver proper pressure, and provide economical protection for costly pumps and other mechanical equipment at your data center. Our industrial-strength triple-duty valve acts as a shutoff, check, and process control for Chiller Systems. Butterfly valves provide on-off, throttling, or isolation for Cooling Towers.


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Process Control Products


Ball Valves

Quarter-turn ball valves control the on-off flow of cooling water to cool data centers. Available in a range of sizes, materials, and connection types.

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Butterfly Valves

Industrial-strength wafer and lug butterfly valves offered in a range of sizes, performance ratings, and actuation options.

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Check Valves

Watts check valves are used when liquid must pass in only one direction for safety purposes, preventing reverse flow. Available in a range of functional types, material construction, and sizes.

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Gate Valve

Watts gate valves in multiple sizes and configurations. We offer specialized gate valves for hydronic cooling shutoff and distribution service.

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Triple-Duty Valves

Use on single, double, and vertical in-line pumps. Three functions: positive shutoff, silent check, and flow control. No need for hand-tight shutoff valve, check valve, and flow control valve on pump.

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Particulate Protection and Fluid Transport Products



Watts strainers protect piping system components from dirt, rust, and other damaging debris. Watts offers a wide variety of strainers, ensuring continued operation of data center cooling solutions.

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Suction Diffusers

Labor Saving Solution Strain foreign particles, protect pump and provide proper flow conditions. One unit acts as elbow, strainer, and entry pipe, reducing installation cost and joint leak paths.

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Orion Process Pipes and Fittings

Process Pipes & Fittings

Orion® corrosion-resistant pure water piping systems assembled with thermal socket fusion ensures a hermetically sealed system to avoid leakage.

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Intelligent Monitoring


Wired or Wireless Water Leak Detection

The FM-approved Trident™ System helps data centers avoid water-related system interruptions by alerting your facility engineers ASAP when there’s a problem such as a clog, overflow, or water leak. Ideal for subflooring cooling systems.

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