Mission-Critical: Conserve Water & Improve Safety

For Water Quality, Watts offers a range of solutions to reduce water waste and operational costs at your data center. Rainwater harvesting repurposes natural resources into non-potable water for cooling tower makeup and restroom usage. Anti-scale treatment and water conditioning protects pipes, plumbing components, and equipment from the negative effects of hard water. Filtration improves the taste, odor, and safety of drinking water.


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Rainwater Harvesting, Treatment & Filtration Solutions


Commercial Rainwater Harvesting

Utilize the free resource of rainwater to meet sustainability goals, reduce energy costs, and minimize the impact on municipal water supplies with RainCycle™ System. Collect, store, filter, and treat roof-collected rainwater for non-potable end uses.

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Commercial Scale Prevention

Increase efficiency and extend the lifespan of your valves and plumbing with OneFlow® Anti Scale Systems. Scale prevention uses template-assisted crystallization (TAC) technology to protect pipes, plumbing components, and equipment from the negative effects of hard water.

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Commercial Water Conditioning

Conditioned water is a solution to the damaging impacts of hard water on plumbing, fixtures, and major equipment and improves efficiency and life expectancy of equipment.

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Commercial Water Filtration

Time clock demand backwashing Micro Z filters are suitable for commercial sediment reduction.

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