Mission-Critical: Reduce Energy Costs

For Plumbing, Hot Water & HVAC Systems, Watts provides an array of solutions designed to reduce waste and equipment energy usage to enhance the operation of environmentally sustainable data centers. Backflow preventers can be built-to-fit. Water pressure reducing valves can save up to 30% water consumption annually. Static balancing valves can reduce energy consumption by 25-35%. Temperatures are regulated and balanced accurately and safely. Our intelligent monitoring solutions detect water leaks to reduce water waste from potential flooding.


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Cross Connection, Flow Control, and Thermostatic Mixing Products


Backflow Preventers

Prevent risks to drinking water quality from backflow contamination at all cross-connections. Watts offers the largest selection of backflow prevention solutions for any application.

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Automatic Control Valves

Commercial ACVs control water flow to maintain constant level in tanks by automatically reducing upstream pressure to constant downstream pressure for uninterrupted water service during emergencies.

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Balancing Valves

Used to maintain flow conditions so control valves function properly in HVAC systems. Balancing wide temperature variations among rooms helps decrease energy needs and increase cost-efficiency.

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Ball Valves

Quarter-turn ball valves control the on-off flow of cooling water to cool data centers. Available in a range of sizes, materials, and connection types

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Butterfly Valves

Commercial and industrial strength wafer and lug butterfly valves offered in a range of sizes, performance ratings, and actuation options.

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Check Valves

Check valves are used when liquid must pass in only one direction for safety and reverse flow prevention. Available in a range of sizes, material construction, and functionality types

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Gate Valve

Watts gate valves in multiple sizes and configurations. We offer specialized gate valves for hydronic cooling shutoff and distribution service.

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Pressure Reducing Valves

Designed to regulate flow of water to dead-end services when flow is intermittent and changes rapidly and reduce pressure needs to the needs of supply plumbing fixtures.

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Mixing Valves

Labor Saving Solution Designed to blend hot water with cold water, ensuring a constant, safe outlet temperature to avoid scalding, thermal shock, and Legionella growth.

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Flow Performance and Plumbing Products


Pre-Engineered Valve Stations

Labor Saving Solution Backflow preventers, meters, pressure regulators, ACVs, strainers, headers, and shutoff valves can be combined to match your requirements.

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Dielectric Unions

Dielectric Unions

Installed between pipes made from dissimilar metal to prevent accelerated corrosion and deterioration due to galvanic and stray current. Cast iron, lead free brass, iron, and steel materials.

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Expansion Tanks

Absorbs the expansion forces and controls the pressure in heating and cooling systems. Excess water is contained in the heavy duty butyl bladder preventing tank corrosion and water logging issues.

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Intelligent Monitoring

SentryPlus Alert™
RPZ Backflow Prevention Flood Protection

Advanced protection of RPZ backflow preventers come with the possibility of discharge through the relief valve. SentryPlus Alert™ detects potential flood conditions, automatically shuts down the water supply, and issues multi-channel alerts so facility managers can take action ASAP. Not for use in fire prevention systems.

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FloodSafe WDS

Water Heater Flood Prevention

The Floodsafe® Water Detector Shutoff automatically shuts off the water supply and power source to the water heaters in your data center if a leak is detected. The unit provide visual and audible alerts so repairs can be arranged without delay. No special pipiong required. And the system can be paired with your BMS.

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