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For Fire Protection Systems, Watts UL Classified, UL Listed, and FM approved plumbing and flow control products enable ease of connection, installation, and maintenance of your data center’s fire sprinkler/suppression system. Our backflow preventers protect your water system. Gear-operated ball valves provide on/off control. Automatic control valves help reduce and relieve pressure. Strainers keep debris from impacting the performance of your systems. And our in-building risers make installation easier and faster.


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Cross Connection and Flow Control Products


Backflow Preventers

All stainless steel construction provides superior corrosion resistance and minimum to low head loss while ensuring maximum possible water pressure after the fire protection backflow preventer.

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Gear Operated Ball Valves

Our NFPA13-compliant lead-free, slow-close ball valves are ideal for fire-suppression system isolation. Integrated reversible supervisory switches make wiring access easier.

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Automatic Control Valves

Fire pump pressure-relieving or sustaining ACVs open when inlet pressure is above the field adjustable set point.

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Deluge Valves

Pneumatic hydraulic electric actuated deluge valves are UL Listed approved with the fire protection service. Design and features assure accurate control, dependable performance, and long life.

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Detector Check Valves

Series 1000SS Detector Check Valves detect any leakage or unauthorized use of water from fire or automatic sprinkler systems.

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Pressure Relief Valves

Designed for use in fire protection grid systems to provide protection against excessive water pressure caused by thermal expansion or line surge.

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Water Supply and Particulate Filtration Products


In-Building Risers

Labor Saving Solution Connect main water supply to building fire suppression system. Fittings pass under foundation without joints and extend up through floor making installations easier and faster..

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Fire Strainers

Watts UL and FM approved strainers are a must-have accessory to protect critical fire system equipment from debris and fouling.

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Intelligent Monitoring

Ames Fire Tamper Switches

Select Ames backflow preventers come with factory integrated, UL/FM certified, fire tamper detection. Eliminates hand-assembly, manual field installations, and error associated with installing aftermarket tamper (supervisory) switches on existing backflow preventers.

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